Lifestyle Management

new-etiquette-on-banana-leaf.jpgMise en Place created a domestic lifestyle service for people struggling for time and willing to get help and keep their life under control. Our service is friendly, unique, special and personal.

Meet and greet creating that first glimpse of comfort and warm welcome for your guests after a tired journey – accommodating business associates making a lasting impression with setting up social gathering with crisp linen, glittering candles, majestic fruit display, a fridge all stacked up with gourmet goodies – setting up a mood for a romantic weekend with Champagne and catering on arrival, the scent of essential oil burning, a soothing therapeutic massage to ease off the stress of the week.

House calls and house minding, collecting mail, pet walking and pampering , gardening and watering plants, all services with total dedication in your absence.

Busy household assistance with running day to day errands, attending to your personal shopping, home cooking and organising, assistance on relocation packing and unpacking, project management, liaising and co-ordinating with tradesman.

Nannying and for all babysitting needs including your last minute unexpected shortfall.

Compassionate Care for the elderly, providing basic sensitive help and attention for the ageing community, offering companionship and help with domestic chores.